IT Consulting

As your business grows, your software needs to grow with you.
It needs to keep pace with your changing business.

We create reliable, stable applications that are there when your need them.

Software that serves your business.

Our Mobile Apps

Track your money on the move

Our android apps Just money & Bills Reminder are one of the best apps that supports more then 150 currencies

Invoice / Receipt Capture

Maintaining paper receipts can be very cumbersome. The App helps to store bills and payment receipts along with transactions.

Backup & Restore

No worry of losing your data when changing device. Full data backup, including photos attached to transactions and bills.

Multi selection actions

Saves your time to copy, delete, reconcile, export to csv of multiple transactions or bills in one go.

App Security

App security is provided through password pin.

Calendar & monthly reports

Using calendar view you have a bird eye of all your bills and transactions. And various reports shows exactly of your cash movements.

Multi profile

Profile is an organised collection of data, like a storage or Accounts books. And multiple profiles can be used to manage different sets of data.

App User Reviews

Charles Daswani, on 9th Dec

Just Money: Perfect Easy to enter data. Good reports. User friendly. Could not have asked for a better app.

Prissy Fierro, on 8th Oct

Bills Reminder: I love the app. Awsome helps me remember everything i have to pay I really reccomend it.

John Smith, on 14th Sep

Take control of your expenses! Just Money! just gives you a full control over by providing you grouping as well as multiple instances facilities so you can easily manage a wide range of your aspects in your daily activities including different currencies! Thanks for the most realistic developer!